Advanced Technical Analysis Course

Technical Analysis Training in Hyderabad

An Introduction to Technical Analysis and How to Apply it to Trading

Welcome to our Advanced Technical Analysis Course. In this course, you’ll learn a complete education about technical analysis training. This includes how to use Support and Resistance, Trend lines, Channels, Fibonacci numbers, Swings, Candlestick and Chart patterns, Harmonic patterns, Market structure, Technical tools -Trending tools, momentum tools, volume tools, volatility and more. You’ll also learn how to trade in trending market and range bound markets as part of successful strategies.

Module 1 What is Price Action?

  • The Important of Historic Support and Resistance
  • Understanding Trending and Ranging Markets
  • Learning to Understand Market Structure
  • Learning to Understand Price Dynamics
  • The Information Behind Candlesticks
  • How to Draw Levels, Trend Lines, and Channels
  • Breakouts, Momentum, and Volatility

Module 2 Candlestick Formations

  • Single Candlestick Formations
  • Double Candlestick Formations
  • Triple Candlestick Patterns

Module 3 Chart Patterns

  • Introduction to Chart Patterns
  • Essential Chart Patterns: Wedges, Triangles, and Pennants
  • Double Top/Bottom and Head and Shoulders 

Module 4 How to Trade Continuation and Reversal Patterns

  • How to Trade Head and Shoulder Chart Patterns
  • How to Trade Wedges (Continuation Patterns)
  • How to Trade Triangles (Breakouts)
  • How to Trade Double Bottom and Top Reversal Patterns
  • How to Trade Flags (Continuation Patterns)
  • How to Trade Bearish and Bullish Pennants 

Module 5 Chart Analysis

  • Volume Spread Analysis
  • Support and Resistance: How to Find Trade Setups
  • Price Channels: Buy Dips and Sell Rallies
  • Directionality: Multiple Time-Frame Analysis
  • Finding and Trading Rejection Zones

Module 6 Trending Indicators

  • Moving Averages
  • How to Trade with Moving Averages
  • Parabolic SAR and Trade Setups

Module 7 Oscillators

  • Stochastic Oscillator and its Buy and Sell Signals
  • Bullish and Bearish Divergences: Reversal Patterns
  • The MACD and its Buy and Sell Signals
  • The RSI and its Buy and Sell Signals
  • Hidden Divergences: Continuation Patterns

Module 8 How to Trade Harmonic Patterns

  • What are Harmonic Patterns
  • Fibonacci Ratios and Market Cycles
  • The Bearish and Bullish Crab
  • The Bearish and Bullish Butterfly Pattern
  • Patterns within Patterns

Module 9 How to Put Everything Together

  • Using an Oscillator and Price Action to Trade
  • Trading Price Action (Support, Resistance and Trend Lines)
  • Using an Oscillator when Trading with Chart Patterns
  • Trading Strategy using Stochastic and 15/30 MA Crossover

Price Trade Action- Course Content

Markets and Market Analysis

  • Principles of Market
  • The Reality of the Markets
  • Trading the Shadows
  • Cause and Effect
  • What is Price?
  • How Does Price Move?
  • What are Markets
  • The Reality of the Markets
  • The Reality of the Trading Game
  • How Do We Profit?
  • Analysis of Profit

Market Analysis

  • The Aim of our Market Analysis
  • Subjectivity vs. Objectivity in Market Analysis
  • Past Market Analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • Multiple Time frame Analysis
  • Market Structure
  • Trends
  • Future Trend
  • Strength and Weakness
  • Identifying Strength and Weakness.

What Happens At/After/Before S/R?

  • Initial Market Analysis Process
  • Ongoing Market Analysis
  • Determine Candle Pattern Sentiment
  • Consider the Context
  • Alternative Questions for the Conduct of Price

Trading Strategy

  • Setup Concept
  • Principles behind the Price Action Trader Setup Locations.
  • Price Action Trader Setups
  • Setup Definition
  • Setups Appropriate for each Particular Market Environment
  • Revisiting the Initial Market Analysis Process and Checklist
  • Trading In-between Setup Areas
  • When Price Enters Setup Areas
  • Trading the Setups
  • Stop Placement
  • Targets
  • Entry
  • Trade Management
  • Trading Process Diagram
  • Trading Process Checklist

Money Management

About Technical Analysis Training:

With so many dedicated years of experience in the current field of technical analysis, our firm is known for focusing on quality solutions and training in the same area. We have a broad team of experienced professionals, associated with the stock market in some way or the other. We are going to provide you with years of experience in the best training solutions. Furthermore, our experts are known for working on proven trading strategies and techniques.

Thanks to the real and international presence, our teaching solutions in technical analysis training have now become an attractive part of the global educational sector. Our course module is well-equipped with individuals, banks, corporates, and people from institutions, with some of the latest tips and tricks in trading technologies and strategies.

Additional services from us:

From us, you are not just going to procure complete exposure to the most proven trading system and platforms, but will also gain some further experience in a perfect blend of practical sessions and classroom presentations. Our course modules are divided into various sectors, starting from an end of day analysis today trading initiatives and even derivatives. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals, ready to instill knowledge, confidence, and power to you, for becoming the successful analyst and trader. Our course modules will offer you with scientific and profitable trading approach now.

Course materials: 

The participants, planning to learn the technical analysis training, are going to be trained in a proficient manner to keep all the minute details in mind. They are going to be presented with the latest technology software and analysis systems. On the other hand, you will be further provided with the extensive range of course materials. The content of the course is likely to be structured strategically for ensuring in-depth understanding for matching with the international standards. These are mostly associated with the technical analysis education, with some of the real-life experiences in the stock market and share markets.

The content of the course:

After going through our course structure, you are about to gain some positive replies. Want to know more about it? For that, you have to get along with important working strategies first. Listed below, is the basic outline, covering some of the key aspects of our courses:

  • We are here to provide our students with in-depth knowledge of the technical analysis services with merits. After understanding the psychology of the traders, we will help them to trade successfully by proficient integration of the blend.
  • Furthermore, students are going to learn about the essentials, relating to a seasoned technical trader, along with the disciplines, they must adhere to.
  • On the other hand, the enthusiastic learners here are further going to understand ways in developing right trading psychology, which needs to be something different from the crowd.
  • We are going to train our students in the Dow Theory. Here, we are likely to interpret the trends and combine them with the Resistance and Support levels for sharpening exit and entry signals relating to position trading and day trading.
  • We are likely to provide you with the in-depth study of the chosen Moving Average and the role it plays in determining trade. Furthermore, you will be trained in multiple usages of Moving Averages for various table horizons
  • Through our chosen technical analysis course online, you will come to learn everything about Chart Patterns. It is the original understanding of the psychology trend, behind the pattern and its formation. You will further come along interpretation of any chart patterns with volume significance using patterns. We will further help in evolving trading strategy pattern.
  • Come to learn everything about indicators. Here, we will cover the set of unique and classical indicators to focus on their applications towards positions, investments, and day trading.
  • We will further help our aspiring students to set price targets with the support of Fibonacci.
  • We are further likely to trade with the Futures & Options with a significant study on reward, risk, and timing, as associated with the derivative trading approach.
  • Day trading is another important part covered in our sector. Here, you will be exposed to some of the real-life experiences, with the help of mechanical and technical systems and analysis. You will come to learn more about stock picking or scans on a real-time basis.
  • Get to learn more about money management and the creation of mechanical trading systems.

Outline of the course:

After you are done with the objectives of our Stock market technical analysis course, the next step is to learn more about the course outline first. The points are now listed below:

Technical analysis:

  • Ways in which it works
  • Limitations relating to it

Chart types:

  • Bar, line, semi-log, and chart
  • Using the chart types in various marketing conditions and different markets

Resistance and support levels:

  • Identification of the real meaning of levels
  • Assessing the strength of resistance levels
  • Expected price movement dealing with the break of levels

Trends lines:

  • Drawing the lines in the correct manner through our online technical analysis course
  • Recognizing the present line break patterns and “false breaks.”

Chart patterns:

  • Reversal patterns and significant continuation in graph patterns
  • Ways to identify chart patterns and protect the subsequent price moves


  • Understand the present significance
  • Usage of volume data with an accurate price

Moving averages:

  • Various types of moving average lines
  • Latest periods to use over here
  • Moving the current average based techniques in trading sectors

Dow Theory:

  • Appreciation of the contributions made by Charles Dow
  • Knowing more about the ups and downs of Dow Theory

Latest developments in technical analysis:

  • Latest trends which technical analysis is catching on
  • New developments and flexible changes taking around the corner

Benefits of our course:

For the betterment of clients, we have segmented our courses in different makes and modules. It makes navigation easier for the thoughtful bunch of likely students. Furthermore, we have specialized technical analysis courses in our account, segmented into practical and theoretical sections. We know the real meaning and importance behind actual classes, just like the academic ones. Therefore, we are known for following these rules, for the thorough understanding of the core technological marketing trends, through some special classes.

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