Basics of Call Options & Put Options

Options Trading Basics 1.Basics of Call Options & Put Options Here we will learn about the basic characteristics of Put and Call options such as strike crisis, expiration dates, and how these values change with the changes in market prices. We can define Option as a contract where a buyer has the right to sell 100 … Read moreBasics of Call Options & Put Options

Calendar Spread Options Strategy

Calendar Spread | Profits In Any Market With A Calendar Spread Introduction to Calendar Spread Options Strategy  The most popular Options spread is the Calendar Spread and the reason for this is that it is a non-directional trading strategy, time decay strategy and Positive Vega Strategy.  We actually benefit from the increase in volatility. With this … Read moreCalendar Spread Options Strategy

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins Introduction to CryptoCurrency Today, we will come to know about how we can invest in cryptocurrency and make the tremendous amount of money over a course of a couple of months to a few years.  We may have heard about Bitcoin or Litecoin while mentioning of Cryptocurrency … Read moreBitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading

Players in The Forex Market

Players in The Forex Market Explained Major participants involved in Forex Markets are explained below. Government: – Government has the role in deciding whether it is the lower exchange rate or higher exchange rates with the countries it is importing or exporting goods. Central Bank: – With the directives from the government, central banks like … Read morePlayers in The Forex Market

Stock Market Class notes -Commodities Exchange & Mutual Funds

Stock Market Class notes –Commodities Exchange & Mutual Funds Commodities Exchange (MCX / NCDEX): This is yet another trading platform which has only commodities like Agri commodities, spices, metals, gold, silver, etc… Here the trading is done only in the futures segment. But if you want to take the delivery then you also have the … Read moreStock Market Class notes -Commodities Exchange & Mutual Funds

Stock Market Notes-Stockbrokers, Derivatives, Arbitragers, ETF

Stock Market Notes –StockBrokers, Derivatives, Arbitragers, ETF StockBrokers Stock brokers are the authorized dealers through which anyone can buy/sell shares. To become stock brokers you have to get the license from NSE/BSE exchange. The most famous are Karvy, IIFL, Angel, Motilal Oswal, India Bulls, etc… Sub-brokers: They are the agents working under the stockbroker, can be … Read moreStock Market Notes-Stockbrokers, Derivatives, Arbitragers, ETF

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