Stock Market Notes FV, Dividend, Bonus,Splits, QIP

Stock Market Notes – FV, Dividend, Bonus Shares, Stock Splits, QIP, ADR & GDR FV (Face Value) The face value of the company is the virtual origin share price of the company when compared to is Current Market Price. Most of the companies have FV 10. When the FV of the company is more, then there is tremendous scope for growth … Read more

Stock Market Notes Fundamental Analysis

Stock Market Notes –Fundamental Analysis Fundamental Analysis Fundamental Analysis is a technique to find out how strong the working of the company is, what kind of valuation it deserves, what price it must have and is the company right for buying its shares. Before buying any business, you must know if it is fundamentally strong … Read more

Stock market Notes -Stock Market, IPO, Promoters

Stock market Notes –Stock Market, IPO, Promoters Stock Market It is a place where buy/sell (trading) is done by various companies. In India, it is typically called as ‘Share Market or Stock Market’ Stock Exchange: Stock Exchange is an Exchange market for Buy/Sell of the companies, which is completely auction based, meaning the best buyer will … Read more

Intraday Stock Trading Strategy

Intraday Stock Trading Strategy – MUST CONSIDER RULES Intraday stock trading is an interesting concept, which attracts many of the stock trading professionals. The interesting and motivating factor for attracting towards the intraday stock trading could be because, one loves to see the instant profits from instant results all to be finalized on the same … Read more

Stock Trading for Beginners

STOCK TRADING FOR NEWBIES Investing in the stock market and trading the stock can be inherently dangerous unless you use the currency just like a paper, if you are born with silver spoon and spending money does not matter to you and your family. However, it is not the case with everyone. In fact, the … Read more

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