Exponential Moving Average

What Is Exponential Moving Average?

The EMA is the very renowned technique for smoothing data in a try to remove noise and the tests manifest that it’s also greatly efficient. Unlike Similar Moving Average which applies uniform weight to almost all data, the EMA more weight towards latest data, hence, that it responds faster to rapid changes.

You can even notice why it is known as EMA while you take a look at how weighting is applied; it’s in the form of the exponential curve. Due to this reason, the weighting never attains 0 and the influence of initial date always remains.

Exponential Moving Average Excel File: The EMA is very simple to compute which it’s improbable which you would require a version of Excel. It’s free of cost and incorporates the fundamental version and the one which will naturally adjust the length you mention.

Know about interpreting the Exponential Moving Average

Similar to all moving moderate indicators, they’re much better suitable for the trending markets. While the market is in a sustained and strong uptrend, the Exponential Moving Average indicator line will even manifest an uptrend as well as vice versa for the down trend. An attentive trader not only pays the attention towards the direction of EMA line, however, even the connection of rate of change from 1 bar to another. For instance, as the cost action of a sturdy uptrend starts to reverse and flatten, the rate of change of Exponential Moving Average from 1 bar to next might start to decline till such time which the indicator line level out as well as the rate of change is 0.

Due to lagging effect, by this point, or also some bars prior, the cost must have already reversed. It thus patronage that noticing a consistent declining in ROI of the Exponential Moving Average could itself be utilised as the indicator which could further counter the crisis leaded by lagging effect of moving averages.

Common uses of EMA

Exponential Moving Average is usually utilised in partnership with the other indicators to certify vital market moves and to weighs their validity. For the traders who literally trade intraday as well as rapid-moving markets, the EMA is applicable. Quite frequently traders utilise EMA to decide a trading bias. For instance, if an Exponential Moving Average on the regular chart manifests a sturdy upward trend, intraday traders blueprint might be to trade only from the long side on an intraday chart.


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