Price Oscillator

Price Oscillator- An efficient technical indicator for picking the stocks

The price oscillator is defined as the difference between the moving averages of the security costs. In fact, the major difference between moving averages can be easily expressed either with relating to points or percentages.

The concept of price oscillator make use of two moving averages, one is the shorter period, and another one is the long period, and then difference amongst those is calculated. Price oscillator describes the areas of oversold and overbought conditions and also to attempt the bearish as well as bullish cost moves.

The price oscillator is quite similar to MACD, but here the price oscillator makes use of two user specified moving averages. On the other hand, MACD always makes use of 12 or 26-day moving averages, and it also expresses the difference in points.

The three major components of price oscillator indicator are listed below, and every component need to understood thoroughly-

  • The PPO line

The PPO line is the result of taking much longer-term EMA and then subtracting it from the shorter EMA. Then, the obtained result is divided by the longer EMA and multiplied by 100. The most commonly used values are 26days for longer-term EMA and minimum of 12 days for shorter EMA. Well, it’s all left to the trader’s choice.

  • The signal line

This is an EMI of the extended PPO line which is described in component 1. On the other hand, traders can easily choose the period length EMA that is used for the signal line.

  • The PPO histogram

As the time moves, the difference between the signal line and PPO line will differ to a greater extent. The PPO histogram took the difference and plotted so that it can be easily converted into the readable histogram. In fact, the difference between these two lines oscillates around the zero line.

When the price buy levitra online from usa oscillator is positive, histogram value increase and the upside momentum value also increases. When the PPO is negative, histogram value also decreases, and even the downside momentum also increases.


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