Technical Analysis

Detrended Price Oscillator

What Is Detrended Price Oscillator? The DPO is utilised to eliminate the trend from the price. It can be performed on isolates as well as identify short-term cycles. It’s not usually aligned with most recent prices. It is offset towards Read More


Perks of Using Momentum for Trading Most of the traders don’t understand the difference between the three broad types of trading momentum. Many traders take a look at the momentum indicators considering its actual location. For instance: let’s consider RSI. Read More

Accumulation distribution

Accumulation Distribution The concept of accumulation distribution is developed by Marc Chaikin. It is a nothing but a volume based indicator mainly designed to gauge the flow of money inside as well as outside the security. The accumulation distribution (AD) Read More

Volume Accumulation

Volume Accumulation Technical Analysis Tool For Futures Trading And Stocks Designed by Marc Chaikin, an accumulation distribution line is a volume based tool made to estimate the cumulative money flow into and out of safety.  Marc referred to the tool Read More

Linear Regression

Forex Trading – The Linear Regression Model As A Selling Tool Introduction: Linear regression is a kind of statistical process for estimating the value of the dependent variable from the independent variable when the relation amidst the variables can be Read More

Triangular Moving Average

What Do You Mean By Triangular Moving Average? The TMA is similar to other kinds of moving averages in which it manifests the average cost over a particular number of data points. But the Triangular Moving Average varies in which Read More

Moving Average Exponential Ribbon

An Overview Into Moving Average Exponential Ribbon It is a kind of method utilised in the technical analysis to recognise transforming trends. The Moving Average Ribbon indicator is an array of moving averages of different lengths conspired at the similar Read More

Commodity Select Index CSI

A Short Glimpse Into Commodity Select Index (CSI) The CSI is nothing but a momentum indicator; it was flourished by J, Welles Wilder in the year 1978. He promoted Commodity Select Index in his book called New Concepts in Technical Read More

Accumulative Swing index

A Brief Glimpse into Accumulative Swing Index The accumulative swing index is entirely based on swing index or a swing system which is bought to make use of breakout pattern. Usually, ASI is used to validate and then verify the Read More